Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New NOBTS66 Website

This site is no longer in use, for all current and future information about the NOBTS66 campaign please visit our new website at www.nobrunswickterminalstation.org

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Incident on 3-4-12 Letter to Citipower from Ray Collodetti

Good Morning Neil,

I wish to lodge a formal complaint around an incident that occurred this morning on Nicholson Street.

Just before 9am this morning I was on my way for my morning coffee when I noticed 2 workmen in a white utility removing the NOBTS66 campaign sign from the corner of Nicholson and Miller Street, East Brunswick.

I took note that they did not look like council workmen, and their vehicle did not look like a council vehicle.

I went for coffee then I went to my meeting organised for the corner of Nicholson Street and Holden Street, for 9.30am.

I looked across the traffic lanes and noticed the same utility, with the same 2 workmen inside stopped at the lights.

I approached them and asked for our campaign signs to be returned. The response I received was no, they would not be returned as the signs were their property.

After I took a few photo’s, standing in front of the utility, taking a photo of the front of the utility when the car lurched forward towards me.

I stepped out of the way , the lights turned green and the utility moved off but stopped a few meters on the other side of the intersection and both men got out of the car, and moved to remove the next sign.

I approached them on foot and asked that they leave the sign alone.

The driver yelled at me to stay away and approached me as I was walking towards them.

I was then prodded in the chest and yelled at to go away.  I was confronted by the driver yelling at me at close range whilst prodding me. I told him to not touch me. He then withdrew and made a phone call.

The passenger told me not to get angry with them, that they were just doing what they were told to do.

I told them quietly, that I wasn’t angry with them and understood that the directive had come from their superior.

The driver finished his phone call and motioned to his passenger to get in the car and they drove off.

I felt intimidated, threatened and assaulted by the workmen.
At no time did they identify themselves to me or respond in a quiet tone of voice.

Their tone was initially loud and aggressive, shouting and pointing, prodding and chesting me.

The signs do not belong to me, they are as awareness to the campaign for the greater public.

What do you have to fear from being scrutinised?

Why is your company acting in this way?

So much for civilised discussions and behaviour.

Why did works begin on this project in July last year, months before any formal approval?

Yours Faithfully

Ramon Collodetti,

Merri Creek Residents Group.